AI Hairstyle

AI Hairstyle

AI Hairstyle is your go-to AI tool for experimenting with new hairdos without commitment! See what different styles and colors look like on you in just seconds. It’s like a virtual hair salon! 💇‍♀️💇‍♂️

Cool Features

  • Works with Just ONE Selfie: Super easy to use!
  • All Styles, All Colors: Find out what suits you best.
  • For Men and Women: Options for Everyone.

How It Works

  1. Upload a Selfie: You can upload up to four for different angles.
  2. Mask Your Hair and Face: This lets the AI give you even longer hair.
  3. Choose Your Style: And they’ll email you the results!


  • “Find Out What Suits Me” Pack: $19.99 for 480 images.
  • Credit System: Pay per style, with 4 images per style. Prices range from $5 for 20 images to $24.99 for 160 images.

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