Berri AI

Berri AI

BerriAI: Make ChatGPT Apps Super Quickly! 🚀

🌟 What does it do?

  • Connects your data and helps you create chat apps in no time!
  • Comes with pre-made setups (flows) you can easily change.
  • Safeguard your app with authentication.
  • Keep track of logging.

💼 Pick Your Plan!

🆓 Free: Try it out!
🥇 Pro: More features & requests!
🏢 Enterprise: For the big players!
📢 Extra Cool Stuff!

Spin up an app super fast: You get an API spot to ask stuff AND a web app to share!

Want to test ideas? Use our templates and see them live with just 1 click. ⚡

Is coding not your jam? No worries! We’re all about the low-code/no-code life.

Stuck? Our support team’s got your back (and they’re super quick, like <1hr quick!).

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