Lexica Stable Diffusion

Lexica Stable Diffusion

Let’s talk about Lexica, a cool AI tool for making images! 🖼️

  1. Starter Plan ($8/month): Perfect for solo projects! You get 1,000 fast image generations a month. Super affordable!
  2. Pro Plan ($24/month): More images, faster! With 3,000 fast generations and unlimited slower ones, it’s great for bigger projects.
  3. Max Plan ($48/month): The full package! Tons of fast generations, and you can keep your images private. Ideal for teams!

Fun Fact: You can try it for free with 100 images a month! 🚀 And if you’re a heavy user, just buy extra fast generations. Easy peasy!

Remember: For commercial use, grab a paid plan. Let’s keep things legal! 📜

And guess what? Upgrading or downgrading is super flexible. No stress!

So, ready to create some awesome AI art? Lexica’s got you covered! 🌟

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