Spacely AI

Spacely AI, the AI-powered interior design wizard! 🏡✨ It’s your dream home come true, giving you furniture and color scheme recommendations.

Here’s the lowdown: You get two super cool features. First up, we’ve got room renovation. Snap a pic of your space, pick a style, and voilà! It serves up furniture and colors to match your vibe, making renovation a breeze.

Now, for the new room creation. Imagine your dream design, jot down the furniture and colors, and hand it off to your contractor. They make it happen!

This tool is all about simplifying your interior game. It’s got your back with personalized suggestions, all dialed into your taste. 🎨✨

And the secret sauce? AI, baby! It slurps up your style, checks the trends, and serves you the best recommendations. No need to hire a designer. Time and cash saved. 💰🕒

In a nutshell, is your ticket to intuitive and efficient interior design. Let’s transform those spaces, folks! 🪄🏠

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