Storyd AI

Storyd AI

🌟 What’s the buzz? Ever felt your presentations are just floating in the sea of mediocrity? STORYD is here to be your lifeboat! It’s not just a tool; it’s your personal business storyteller.

🚀 Superpower: Transforms your scattered thoughts into captivating presentations in mere seconds. With STORYD, leaders won’t just hear you; they’ll hang onto your every word.

🤔 How it works:

  1. Scribble down your topic or idea.
  2. Choose a business communication structure that fits.
  3. Voila! In just 60 seconds, you have a deck that’s ready to dazzle.

💡 Cool feature: The AI Ideas Generator is a gem. Feeling stuck? Let the AI brainstorm and sprinkle creativity. Plus, you can tailor every slide to your brand’s theme, font, and colors. It’s customization galore!

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